Sunday, October 16, 2011


Somewhere out in the furthest reaches of space, lost amongst the billions of stars, a war raged on. For centuries the combatants have clashed, both sides suffering huge losses with no end in sight to the hostilities. Both have suffered casualties in the millions, decimating their races, leaving them on the very edge of extinction. Because of this both sides have come up with new and inventive ways to help preserve their race, to heal those that have been wounded in the field.
Medical transport ships rush in and out of the battle zone, winding their way through the constant barrage of fire, picking up both wounded and dead solders, and transporting them back to safety, health and new life.
The medical wing in the transport ship is no longer equipped with doctors but, billions of microscopic, genetically altered bacteria, created to bind to the wounds of soldiers, instantly restoring their damaged tissue. If the solder is dead then they are brought back to a semblance of life, and if wounded the wounds are healed. This way the solder can return to battle quicker, providing an endless supply of solders to help win the ongoing war.
As a full transport ship leaves the area of combat an empty one, loaded with the microscopic spores starts its journey into the war zone. The pilot’s reflexes are not as fast as they should be, dulled by lack of sleep, and from being constantly on edge. This leaving the ship exposed to a damaging shot which hit it broadside, killing the crew and sending the ship spiraling out of control, far from the battle area.
So it drifts, lifeless, for hundreds of years while inside the alien microbes continue to fester and grow until the ship’s compartments are a single red mass, visible now to the naked eye; still the ship floats aimlessly through space.
In time it reaches the outer planets of a strange solar system, getting pulled into the gravitational pull of an asteroid belt where it is relentlessly pummeled by rocks of various sizes, weakening the integrity of the ships outer haul.
An asteroid, much larger than the others, rams into the side of the craft, allowing it to finally break free and continue on its journey.
Years continue to pass and the ships haul starts to rot, further weakening the stability of the craft. Finally its aimless journey brings it into the gravitational pull of a bright blue and green planet where its speed starts to increase. As the ship is pulled closer to the planet it hits the upper atmosphere and quickly heats up, breaking apart, and burns as it plummets downwards; all that is but one piece.
The medical bay in the craft has a thicker shell and because of this it has survived most of the journey through the atmosphere.
Burning red hot it hits the fridge upper air currents and starts to crack from the extreme drop in temperature until it reaches a quarter of a mile from the surface of the planet where it suddenly explodes, sending billions and billions of microbes floating down on the unsuspecting inhabitants of Earth.
So it has begins…..

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