Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Fellow Americans

Randy the Anchor Man: “Good evening and thank you for tuning in. Before we turn the broadcast over to the White House for the live broadcast of the Presidents address to the nation we have a major story unfolding tonight, right here in lower Manhattan.
   We have on the scene Tammy Baker, Tammy what can you tell us about the incident transpiring on the Brooklyn Bridge?”
Tammy Baker: Well Randy as you can see behind me Manhattan is in mayhem, traffic has been completely stopped in every direction for miles around and it’s just as bad on the opposite side of the bridge in Brooklyn.
   Police are keeping everyone far back and telling those that were stuck on the bridge to exit there vehicles and walk off the bridge until the situation is under control.
Randy the Anchor Man: Tammy, have you been able to determine what is happening? There have been numerous reports of this possibly being a terrorist act. Can you confirm this?
Tammy Baker: Well that was the initial fear but recently I’ve been able to talk with an injured officer as he was coming off the bridge to get some medical help for an injury he had sustained. Here is a taped recording of that interview.

(Okay Steve go ahead and roll it.)

Officer: What did you say?
Tammy Baker: I said excuse me officer. I was wondering if you might have a moment to answer a couple of quick questions and help clear the air as to what is happening.
Officer: Make it quick, I want to get this looked at.
(He holds  up a nasty looking gouge on his right hand)
Tammy Baker: Oh my! That looks gruesome! Can you explain to us what is exactly happening on the bridge and how you got such a horrific bite mark?
Officer: Well when I arrived on the scene I thought it was just a routine accident, someone losing control of there car, but we are finding out its more than that.
Tammy Baker: How do you mean?
Officer: As I approached the vehicle I saw several skid marks on the road and several of the guard rails had been pretty smashed up. That indicated to me that the driver was trying to control his bus but was unable to do so and he eventually lost complete control, flipped onto its side and came skidding to a halt blocking all lanes of traffic.
Tammy Baker: I’m sorry did you say bus? Was it a city bus or a passenger bus for long trips?
Officer: No it was neither. It was a school bus, one of the big yellow ones. I approached the bus and climbed up so I could see through the windows. Luckily there were no children on the bus but as I approached the front I could see the driver, unmoving, still fastened into the driver seat.
   I immediately called for paramedics and back up, so they could assist in diverting traffic away from the area.
   I then forced the main doors open, which must have broken during the accident, so I could gain access to the bus and help the driver. As I was doing this keep calling out to the driver, trying to assure him that help was on the way.
   Once inside I bent down to feel for a pulse and noticed that his skin was cold to the touch and had turned a grayish color. I didn’t think the old fellow was alive by his appearance especially after I failed to find his pulse.
   I assumed he had died either during the collision or just before it and as I turned away from him to call it in, the old bastard bit me. Oops, can you edit that peace out please?
   I immediately scrambled away from him trying to assure him that I was just trying to help and he didn’t need to worry or become upset.
   It didn’t work because as I was talking with him he started to become frantic, making all kinds of moaning and grunting noises as he fought to get up, continuously reaching his hands out trying to grab me. I was fortunate that the seat belt had him restrained.
   My backup and the paramedics soon arrived. I warned everyone to watch out that he was confused, disorientated and violent, fighting back the only way he could. My warnings went unheeded and anyone who got to close suffered some form of injury through either scratches or bites. He’s a tough old cooter!
Tammy Baker: Have you guys got the situation under control yet?
Officer: Well as I was leaving the scene to get some first aide I heard the paramedics say they were going to give him a sedative and then release his safety belt so they could get him to a hospital.
   Other than that I’m afraid I can’t help you with anything else. I would however like to urge the residents of New York City to seek out an alternative route if you were heading down this way. This could take awhile longer as we wait for a tow truck to arrive and the less we need to worry about traffic the quicker we can get this mess cleaned up.
   Now if you excuse me I really want to get this looked at.

(The video stops rolling and were back to Tammy Baker broadcasting Live)

Tammy Baker: Well Randy there you have it. The situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better. After the officer had left we heard several screams coming from the bridge and then several shots were fired. We have not been able to find out what’s happening yet but we will keep you posted, Randy.
Randy the Anchor Man: Thank you Tammy and now, I’ve just received word that the President will be speaking in just a few moments concerning the events that have been recently transpiring in Buffalo, New York over the course of the last few days.
   But before we turn our coverage over to the White House I would like to extend my sincerest, heartfelt sorrow over the loss of life in our sister television stations located in Buffalo and extend to them and all those families as well who have suffered loss during this tragic time.
   It is our sincerest hope here at NCN headquarters that this national tragedy will soon be brought to an end.
   Excuse me a moment, Okay I’m being told that the President is ready so were sending it over to Michael Gallagher and his crew at the White House, Michael.
Michael: Thanks Randy, the President is due out at any moment but before he comes out I would like to say that what Randy has just said really and truly goes for us…Oh!. The President of the United States.
The President: Good evening my fellow Americans. It is with a heavy heart that I come out to stand before you and address you all tonight.
   There have been a lot of rumors and innuendoes being circulated over the last few days in regards to the tragedy that has struck the city of Buffalo and its surrounding suburbs.
   I stand here before you tonight, humbled by what I have heard and seen personally, to let you know that it is true. For some yet unknown reason it appears that the dead have in fact been re-animated and are attacking and killing the citizens of that fair city.
   All attempts made by local law enforcement offices as well as the National Guard have failed to contain the situation and to make the problem worse, the number of the dead coming back are increasing by the minute.
   Canada has closed and sealed of all its border crossings hoping to help contain the virus in the states, keeping it from going global.
   As of now this seems to be working and my hopes and prayers go out to them for success in this overwhelming endeavor.
   The Canadian government have pledged there full military support and I shall meet with there nations leaders in the next few days to discuss this option with them.
   As of now I have issued an order declaring martial law for the entire eastern portion of New York up to the city of Rochester.
   All citizens who have not been injured by any of the dead are to make your way out of the area over the next seventy-two hours. A complete evacuation is being ordered as we speak and military personal will be present to give medical examines and help transport you and your loved ones to facilities outside of the quarantined zones.
   The reason the area is so extensive is due to the fact that we just aren’t sure how far spread the infection has spread. This administration has decided that it would be better to ere on the side of caution.
   Through no fault of the law enforcement agencies we are forced into some pretty tight corners that offer only dire and drastic measures once the seventy-two hour deadline has been met.
   In exactly seventy-two hours I have ordered the military to use small tactical nuclear warheads in order to help contain and stop the spread of this cancer any further.
   I know, as well as the rest of my administration and the military, that there will be a lot of liberals and hippies up in arms about this. Well I say to them, tuff. This needs to be done and it was a decision not easily reached.
   We are attempting to lay down a perimeter with these devices so any of the infected in the area would be eliminated immediately. True the amount of devastation will be horrific, but honestly folks, no one can go in there now anyways.
   The land that would be purified would allow our forces then an unrestricted view of anything that would try to leave the area. It would allow us ample time to strike them before they could strike us and spread the infection further. It is our deepest hope that this will hopefully bring this crisis to a close the only way it should end, with us surviving.
   Until such time as this crisis has been stopped all other matters of government shall be placed on hold, even the revamping of the national heath care system.
   Let me make this perfectly clear, we have a duty to uphold and that duty is to protect the citizens of this country by any means possible. This order has not been given lightly and I am fully aware, as well as the rest of my cabinet, of the consequences it has.
   Our prayers go out to those in this area that they make it to the safety of our armed forces unscathed.
(Takes a deep breath, then lets out a sigh)
   Never in my life could I have imagined I would be standing here before you making this announcement. But the facts remain and I assure you, with the help of you and our neighbors to the north, we shall preserver through this nightmare that our country is facing.
   Keep the residence of New York in your prayers my fellow countrymen and may God bless America.

Michael: Randy did he just say what I thought he just said? He did, didn’t he! How can he possibly justify these actions? It’s outrageous, absurd and a tragedy that he is bringing down on the rest of the country.
   I know as a news man and I’m supposed to remain biased and neutral in all things and not have, or at least not voice it on the air, an opinion but this is simply outrageous. Suspending the government and benching the health care bill, common.
   I have never been so outraged; I can’t talk no more about this so back to the studio and you Randy.

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